Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain Series

In 1998, Dr. Chen and his wife Lucia were invited to participate an international conference of the “State of World Forum” in San Francisco. They are selected to join the “Our Common Enterprise” section to plan cultural programs of the whole in the future. Returning to Taiwan, Dr. Chen realized he had to plan for his homeland too and resulted in an exhibition tour of his “Jade Mountain and Variations” series with artworks from Humanity series as “Sacred Jade Mountain, Love and Peace” tour.


In order to unite the people in Taiwan who is divided into at least two parties: “Blue” and “Green”, Chinese-minded and Taiwanese-minded, Chen realized he had to take one ICON which could be accepted by both two sides, by both two political parties namely KMT and DDP, so he selected the highest and the most beautiful mountain in Taiwan, the pivot of the Central Mountain Range which occupied 2/3 of Taiwan: the Jade Mountain as the symbol of Taiwan, spiritually and physically, to embrace and protect the people in Taiwan, uniting them, educating them, training them to build Taiwan as an international State of Peace, Happiness, and Love for the world, the cradle of a New Renaissance in Love for the third millennium.


The Jade Mountain is 3,952 meters high, 200 meters higher than the Fuji Mountain in Japan, is the highest mountain in North Eastern Asia. It is splendid and beautiful with tropical, temperate and frigid zones together in a straight line from 400 meters to almost 4,000 meters, really a miracle in God’s creation. Therefore Dr. Chen launched an art tour of “Sacred Jade Mountain, Love and Peace” to 12 cultural centers around Taiwan in three years with a publication of an art book entitled “Jade Mountain and Variations” with 124 pieces of artwork and 86 poems attributed to the paintings. The content of the art tour is enriched with paintings from Humanity series, transforming the tour into Dr. Chen’s “Arts for Humanity” world tour in Taiwan.