Landscapes of Europe and America

European and American

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Dr. Chen painted landscapes since his youth and continued to paint wherever the occasion provided. Besides the landscapes he did when he studies in Paris, he painted again Paris in 1996 and 2003 when he went back to visit Paris, specially the Latin Quarter, the Garden of Luxembourg, and Hongfleur. In 2003 he finished 24 paintings focused on “Cite”, the area of Notre-Dame de Paris as he lived near and loved there. Moved to the USA, he painted the cherry-blossoms and the National Cathedral in Washington D. C. while he opened his gallery there. In 2003, he was invited to exhibited in California, and took advantages of the stay in different cities that he finished many landscapes in San Diego, in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland. He painted more than a dozen of the beautiful European houses around hills and a lake in Laurelhurst, the birthplace of Bill Gates, those paintings are so beautiful that they are arranged to show in their community center visited by many people including the parents of Bill Gates.