January 30, 2018
December 22, 2016

Van Gogh’s Magic Guests by Lawrence Jeppson

Van Gogh’s Magic Guests by Lawrence Jeppson In 1886, Paul Gauguin settled sporadically in the village of Pont Aven, Western France, and gathered about him a […]
September 11, 2015

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Announcement   Sorry ! We are redoing our Website, more information will be updating.
July 22, 2015

Market Management

A creative artist is not a mass producer and can create only so many paintings in his lifetime. "Stocks may be split," says a New York dealer, "but there are only so many Cézannes." In the same vein, there will be only so many Chen’s paintings in his lifetime. For collectors there is the opportunity to realize substantial profit -– and to enjoy social status and business opportunities from being significant contributors to the world art scene and human culture. Closely associated with the artist, collectors too, will become an important part of art history. I have placed my reputation, advocacy, and assistance fully behind Dr. Chen. I recommend that you purchase his paintings now for three sound reasons.
  1. for esthetic pleasure
  2. for sound investment
  3. for better understanding of East-West culture
Esthetic pleasure is a very personal thing, and some of you may find a few of his paintings too strong for your tastes; and yet it is this very strength that makes the world art community pay attention. This strength, this power, will be the foundation of his reputation. As for investment, I believe there is a strong probability for future profit in any purchase of Chen’s paintings. As an artist becomes more widely recognized, his prices usually jump. Chen is already in his 70’s, with over a half-century of art creation and an established career. In this era when every nation is searching for the spiritual inspiration from all corners of the world, it’s the creation and promotion of fascinating and uplifting art that highlights the dedication of better cultural understanding between the West and the East. As an investor in Chen’s paintings, here are some of the steps I’d take:
  1. Form art professional teams to cooperate with the T.F. Chen Cultural Center to support the “Arts for Humanity World Tour.” While cooperating with other agencies, they would strive to make its images the most famous modern paintings in the world.
  2. Support more specific exhibitions of Chen’s series paintings, e.g. The Spirit of Liberty Collection, the Van Gogh Collection, etc. We would promote their worldwide showings in as many museums, cultural centers, galleries, and other venues as possible.
  1. Publish and merchandise limited-edition prints; publish the art in film, TV, etc.
  1. Work closely with international critics, curators, auction houses, museums, and media, and in all kinds of reciprocal promotions.
As an international exhibition curator, appraiser, art writer, and consultant in art investment for nearly half a century, I recognized Chen’s genius decades ago. My early judgment has been fully justified, and I have no hesitancy in continuing to place my reputation and advocacy behind him and his work.
  • T F Chen received many TV station interview during the show of “Dr. TF Chen’s Art & The Olympic ’s : Art for Humanity
  • TF Chen’s Art For Humanity World Tour China Show poster
  • After media interview TF, Lucia , Julie and media people took photo in front of Chen’s painting