Publications Featuring Dr. T.F. Chen

Publications Featuring Dr. T.F. Chen

Since 1980, Dr. T.F. Chen and his art have been written up and continuously featured in countless media throughout the world. For example, he has been covered in major art magazines such as: ArtNews, Art In America, Art Forum, Flash Art, Fine Art, Dynasty Art News, Artists’ Magazine; dozens of major Asian Art magazines such as Asia ArtNews, Lion Monthly Art Magazine; as well as major TV stations, newspapers and radio shows (such as CCN, BBC, Reuters, Discovery Channel, The Daily News), etc.

In addition to this, Dr. Chen’s artwork has been featured in approximately 300 textbooks, magazines, and other educational materials worldwide. Here are a few examples of materials and media coverage that Chen and his artwork have been licensed for use in USA:

Arts & Ideas, 9th ed., in the “Globalism” section; publ. by Harcourt Brace College Publishers.

Art & Ideas, Phaidon Press, paperback series.

The Mythology of Vincent van Gogh, publ. by TV Asahi. Doublepage spread.

Discipline-Based Art Education, publ. by Univ. of Illinois Press.

The Wired Society, publ. by Hartcourt Brace Co.   Cover.

Out of Many – A History of the American People, publ. by Prentice Hall College Division.

American Nation, pub. by Prentice Hall.

America in Search of Its Soul, publ. by Morehouse Communication. Cover.

Contemporary Social Problems, 5th ed., publ. By William Paterson University. Cover.

Essentials of Sociology, publ. by Allyn & Bacon. Chapter openers.

Sociology, A Down-To-Earth Approach, 4th ed. & 5th ed., publ. by Allyn & Bacon.

Social Psychology, publ. by Aronson, Wilson & Akert

Psychology in Action, 5th ed. publ. by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Cover.

Psychology in the New Millenium, publ. by Harcourt Brace.

Public Speaking, 4th ed. publ. by Allyn & Bacon.

Quest: Reading and Writing in the Academic World, publ. by McGraw Hill Higher Education. Chapter Openers.

Body Talk: Life As A Woman, publ. by Hysteria Publishing. Cover.

  1. S. Immigration by Houghton Mifflin College of Art. Cover.

Mathematics, publ. by Harcourt Brace.

Connaissances et Activities, publ. by CEC Editions.

Elementary Social Studies: A Whole Language Approach, publ. by Brown & Benchmark. Cover.

Glencoe Literature: The Readers’ Choice, publ. by Glencoe McGraw-Hill.

Looking Out, Looking In, by Harcourt Brace College Publishers.

An American Empire An American Psychology

A Magazine, Feb ’02, Article and image about Chen’s receiving UN Global Tolerance Awards

Wilson Quarterly, Cover of June ’02 issue New York Magazine, May 1986 Statue of Liberty Special Issue

The Daily News, 6/30/86 Article and images about Chen’s “The Spirit of Liberty Series”

Unesco Courier, July 1996 France

Art Forum Magazine, October 1991, Review of Dr. Chen and artwork

Art Business News, Top Artist Profile, Summer 2007 issue

Fine Art Magazine, Spring 2001, Spring 2002

Dynasty Art News, February 1996

Artists’ Magazine, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006

Performing Arts Magazine, November & December 1999

Lion Monthly Art Magazine

Asia Art News

The Journal of Aesthetic Education, Volume 21, #2, Summer 1987

Unity, February 1999 issue by Unity School of Christianity

Today’s Chemist, December 1996 issue and February 1997 issue

The Athenian School, brochures, promotional materials

University of Alabama, front & back cover of Winter 1996 magazine

Ultimate Nutrition Magazine, September 1996

Religions of the World: Skepticism and Religious Relativism episode. by Greenstar Television

The Reader’s Choice CD-ROM Glencoe Literature, for Grade 8; another for Grade 10

Author Works CD-ROM Educational Program

Art Works CD-ROM Educational Program

New Literature CD-ROM Educational Program