TF Chen Fine Art Museum , Taipei

Chen Tsing Fang Fine Art Museum (TF Chen Fine Art Museum) Taipei


TF Chen Fine Art Museum Taipei aims to support & cooperate with New World Art Center NYC, focuses on international art business, including the following aspects:

    1. The planning, exhibition, promotion and marketing of art works
    2. The publication and distribution of limited edition prints
    3. Accord of copyright and manufacturing and marketing of art gift items
    4. Consultation on art investment and collection planning


Our art business in exhibitions, publishing, art dealing etc We focus in promote Dr. TF Chens Neo-Iconography: A Post Modern Art for Humanity’s Sake advocating a Global New Renaissance in Love through “Art for Humanity World Tour


TF Chen Fine Art Museum set up art product dept. to cooperate with many designers, manufacturing and international marketing ., we will also focus on publishing TF Chen’s books, limited editions, and TF Chen’s film and promote through all medias .


The TF Chen Fine Art Museum will continue focus on Dr. TF Chen’s art career managing.  Our aim is to continue build up TF Chen in art history position. This promotion must do in international scale and work together with his New world Art Center (NWAC) in NYC.


Lucia Chen acts as President and Executive Director of the NWAC, NYC and TF Chen Fine Art Museum , Taipei.. She has been active in the international art world as an art dealer, advisor, publisher, and collector since 1978. Mrs. Chen specializes in curating and promoting large-scale exhibitions, consulting for art investment, and developing museum art products and copyrighting. She has personally established eight galleries ,and 3 non profit foundation.   She has published limited editions since 70’s to today..  Lucia has produced more than 200 one-man shows for Dr. Chen


TF Chen Fine Art Museum Taipei   & The New World Art Center NYC supports the T. F. Chen Cultural Center – a 501C3 non-profit organization that advances Dr. Chen’s vision of a Global New Renaissance in Love, a rebirth of human civilization and cultural achievement; focusing on East – West art & cultural exchange.