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In 1978, Dr. Chen started to study and practice lithography, intaglio prints on zinc, and serigraphy at the Art School of Corcoran Museum in Washington D. C. He made a lot of monotypes in lithography on “Space series” and “Humanity series”. With serigraphy, he accomplished “Taiwanese Folkscapes”, a series of 9 subjects in strong color and folkloric forms. The serigraphy is a newly developed printing technique after the second world war. The Fingerhurt Group, a Jewish art entrepreneur selected four paintings by Dr. Chen to reproduce in serigraphy which are very successful, even with 80 colors for one print, accomplishing the most highest quality in serigraphy. Those four printed editions are “Love above Confrontation”, “Wedding above Village”, “Painting Irises”, and “Happy Mme Moitessiere”. Recently a new printing with help of computer proceeding which can reproduce 99.99% close to the original artwork on canvas and paper is called “Giclee” is regarded as a kind of “Print” with author’s signature and in limited edition is becoming popular. Since Dr. Chen has several thousand pieces of original artworks which can be a big source for the Giclee print in the future.